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  • By procuring the services of Bookvalet, you are appointing the appointed driver as your authorised driver for your motor insurance coverage.

  • While we take all necessary precautions in our service delivery, should not be liable for accident, injury, death, damage or loss of vehicle during the course of service delivery and these events shall be covered by the motor insurance.

  • Bookvalet shall not be liable for parking fines incurred Bookvalet and the appointed driver will take responsibility for driving offences are committed due to negligence during the course of service delivery

  • Bookvalet reserves the right to refuse customers or terminate previously accepted jobs due to but not limited to issues such as our assessment of the car condition, violent and abusive customers, customers who cancelled jobs previously to protect the safety of our drivers and their well-being.

  • A $20 charge will be levied on clients who are more than 10 minutes late from the appointed pick up timing.

  • Employment of Bookvalet’s services implies clients’ acceptance of updated terms and conditions.

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