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Car Hacks Car Owners Wished They Knew Earlier

Do you know that your car's keyless remote range can be boosted with a simple trick? Read on to find out easy car hacks that every driver wishes they knew earlier.

You might not need new wipers!

Just wipe your wiper blades with rubbing alcohol and they will function as good as new!

Increase your keyless entry range

Your car's keyless entry range can increase by 30 percent. Just press it against your head as you use it. It will conduct the (perfectly safe) radio signal through your body, giving its travel power a boost.

Use a potato for mud stains

To get rid of dried mud, first vacuum up as much dirt as you can, or remove by pressing packaging tape against it. Then, using the cut side of a raw potato, rub the stains. The enzymes in the potato will help dissolve the dirt. Allow the area to dry again, then blot with a wet rag to remove the marks.

Keep leather supple

If your car has leather interiors, keep them healthy by rubbing a bit of baby oil or olive oil on them. Oil is also great for scuffs and scratches on your dashboard.

Superpower your vacuuming

An hour before you vacuum your car, sprinkle the carpet and upholstery with baking soda. Its deep-cleaning enzymes will absorb odors and moisture, and when you vacuum it up you’ll take it with you!

DIY vacuum attachment

Trying to clean super-small between seats and in cup holders? Make your own vacuum attachment that’s perfect for the job. Get a thick straw like the kind used for cold coffee drinks, milkshakes, and smoothies and insert one end into the smallest attachment you have. Tape it in place, and you’ll be able to suck up dirt and dust in the tiniest of spaces.

Get rid of car smells

Instead of buying a commercial car air fresheners that you hang from a rear-view mirror, stash some dryer sheets under car seats and in the truck (you can even use ones that have already been through the dryer!). They’ll fill the enclosed space with a fresh scent that greets you every time you open the door.

Remove parking permit stickers

If your windshield is covered with parking permits and inspection stickers from years gone by, you’ll love this tip. Pour nail polish remover over the decals until they’re soaked. Then scrape with a razor blade and they’ll come off cleanly in seconds.

How to get rid of bumper stickers

Get those old bumper stickers off and bring your car up-to-date. Rub cold cream on the stickers and wait 10 minutes. Then say goodbye to your former slogan and peel the bumper stickers right off. Or try this: Set your blow-dryer on high and run it back and forth over the sticker until the adhesive softens. Then apply a bit of vegetable oil. Carefully lift a corner with a credit card, and peel it off.

Easiest way to clean a windshield

One thing that never leaves our cluttered trunk (except when we’re using it) is a spray bottle filled with club soda. Club soda does wonders for getting grime, bird droppings, and bug guts off your windshield. Just spray on, wait a few minutes, and turn on the wipers.

Keep headlights clear

Car wax may strike some as a vanity, but in winter it’s important for safety. Layers of salt and slush on the roads leave debris on your car’s headlights that compromise their effectiveness. Keep them in working order by cleaning and coating them with car wax. Repeat monthly as needed.

Keep bug guts off your car

Don’t you hate the smashed up insects that always seem to cover your car grille in the summer? The only thing worse than looking at them is trying to scrape them off, unless you try this trick: Before heading down the highway, use a light coating of vegetable oil or nonstick cooking spray on your grille, and the revolting bugs will wipe off easily.


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