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Caring for Your Car's Paintwork

Cars are expensive especially in Singapore. Deteriorated paintwork on your car can affect it's value and resale value. This article talks about how you can take care of your car's paintwork and keep it looking great.

Polish And Wax

Polish is actually liquid sandpaper. With many different grits available, detailers make use of varying cutting power in the detailing process before waxing.

Wax is added after polish to fill up microscopic troughs not visible to the naked eye. This ensures a beautiful deep gloss finish that protects against the elements. Wax however does not bond permanently with the paint on your car and will wear off after some time. Good products usually do not last more than 3 months.

Ceramic Coating

Instead of wax, your can opt for ceramic coating products. Your car's paintwork has to be decontaminated thoroughly prior to application to ensure a chemical bond is formed. This is a superior product to wax in durability and is usually waterproof.

Take note that ceramic coating should not be done yourself but by professionals or you risj damaging your car paint. Such products usually last at least 1 year.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

PPF is a transparent polyurethane film applied to areas of the car that are susceptible to paint chips. Wax and ceramic coatings are susceptible impact from small stones or rocks.

PPF film can also be “self-healing”, meaning minor scuffs can be removed with the use of some heat. Of the three solutions to paint protection, PPF is by far the most daunting to apply, and should really only be left to the professionals. Unlike vinyl, PPF film is less stretchable, and you need a trained pair of eyes and hands to be able to make the various joints less obvious.

Which is the Best Option?

PPF offer the best option but are difficult and expensive to install. Ceramic coating products run the risk of damage to your paintwork if not done properly even by professionals while wax is the cheapest option.

You should choose a price point that you are most comfortable with when making a decision. What is a fact is you need to maintain your car's paintwork to maintain it's value.


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