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Heavy Rain, Low Temperature and Floods in Singapore

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

What a start to the year with unceasing torrential rain this week all over Singapore.

According to a Straits Times report, 318.6mm of rain that fell in Changi on Friday, the first day of this year, was more than the average of 238.3mm for the month of January.

On Saturday, the heaviest rainfall of 210.6mm was also recorded in Changi between 12am and 7pm. Earlier on Saturday, when the figure was 184.4mm, PUB said the amount was more than half of Singapore's average monthly rainfall in January and was within the top 1 per cent of maximum daily rainfall records for the past 39 years.

The Temperature

We can never get used to the hot and humid weather in Singapore despite living here all our lives. December and January 2021 has given us some respite with the rains and dropping temperature. You would have felt the chills yesterday and the lowest temperature recorded on Saturday, as at 7pm, was 21.1 deg C in Newton, said NEA.

This is still 2 degrees away from the lowest temperature ever recorded in Singapore. The phenomenon happened some time ago on February 14, 1989 at Paya Lebar were the lowest recorded temperature in Singapore was clocked at 19.0 °C. Think about how much we can save from air conditioning cost if it occurs on a daily basis.

Flooding on the Roads

Several areas in Singapore reported floods with the Civil Defence activated to assist vehicles trapped by the floods.

You can view some flood footages here:


On top of floods, we also witnessed some rare occurrence seldom seen in Singapore. Landslides, albeit minor ones.

View some footages here:

Floods and Vehicle Damage from Floods

I am not sure if cars were damaged by the floods the past few days and I wish all drivers well and safe driving as the rains (and floods) are predicted to continue the next few days.

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Take care and see you on my blog again!


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