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It's Christmas Season!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

It's Christmas season again! 2020 is a forgettable yet unforgettable year for everyone and I am sure so many of us are just glad it is finally going to be over.

Good news came this week about our phrase 3 opening that will allow for gatherings of 8 pax from the current 5 and many other changes to be announced starting from 28th Dec 2020.

Christmas still remains a magical time of the year and my suspicion that Covid fatigue has hit many. With the borders still closed, many will choose have friends gatherings this year for Christmas and celebrating the New Year.

It is also this time that the authorities are most active in enforcing road blocks to catch errand drink drivers driving around the island. My suspicion is that the enforcement actions will be earlier and more intense this season for 2 reasons:

  1. Drinking places close at 10.30 pm and it will be the time most drink drivers head home

  2. Many people are "stuck" in Singapore with the border closures. We can expect many gatherings this year albeit still at 5 in a group.

Drivers hate to be away from their cars. I can attest to that because all my personal belongings are stored in the car. The car is not just a mode of transport but a storage for my things.

I have had friends who circumvent traffic roadblocks by telegram channels as well as using Waze to get real time information about where roadblocks are. That however is not responsible behaviour because drink driving is a danger not only to yourself but other road users.

An article by the business times in 2019 reported about the police in New York demanding that Waze stop disseminating information about police traffic enforcement actions. Given the high handedness of rule in Singapore, I am sure this has not just been demanded in Singapore but already enforced.

If you have to drive to drink this season, consider having good safe fun and engage BookValet for it's Valet Service this season. Your driving license is precious, your life and the lives of others are precious and whats more, it will only cost you $50.

Advanced online bookings are available at: as well as booking on demand. Simply click on the Whatsapp logo available on BookValet's website to chat with their friendly customer service specialists.

If you are having your wedding this season or have friends holding weddings, we provide event valet services too. Simply write in to us at

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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