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Narrow Carparks to Avoid in Singapore

Ever been to some carparks and seen loads of scratches on the carpark walls? You might have even scratched your car in very narrow carparks before previously.

This articles lists 5 carparks in Singapore that you should avoid driving to if you are not an experienced driver.

1. Holland Road Shopping Centre Carpark

This carpark is narrow and has dead ends which will require you to perform 3 point turns to turn your car around. When the carpark is crowded with many cars waiting, it can be a nightmare to maneuver it out of the carpark if you have decided not to wait for a parking lot.

2. Bukit Timah Shopping Centre Carpark

This carpark has an awful design that does not really allow for more 2 vehicles to pass at any time. The entrance and exit is also very tight. Drive with caution there due to poor visibility too!

3. Orchard Central Carpark

Have motion sickness? This carpark is one to avoid due to 5 floors of spiraling narrow slopes up and down.

4. Hotel Miramar Carpark

This carpark tests the skills of drivers with poor visibility as well as narrow ramps. Your turning timing needs to be perfect to avoid any expensive damage to your car.

5. King's Arcade Carpark

The basement carpark of this small complex has a combination of a low ceiling and tight spaces.

Even with empty lots, turning around in this carpark requires directional changes and utmost precision.


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