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Nightspot Reopening: Patrons to be tested for Covid-19 before allowed entry

About 25 nightlife establishments will be allowed to reopen as part of a pilot programme, said the Singapore Nightlife Business Association (SNBA) on Monday (Nov 9) as it urged those that continue to struggle with the prolonged closure to look at pivoting or exiting operations.

Apart from the “limited” vacancies, the pilot scheme announced by authorities last Friday requires nightlife venue operators to adhere to COVID-19 safety measures, and will last for only two to three months depending on the type of business, said the association.

The application process and link for nightspots to apply under the pilot test can be found at:

We wonder how many night spots owners would be keen to participate in this pilot given that it is only for a short duration and comes with heavy costs for the patrons and businesses with restrictions in place.

A search of CNA's Facebook page from netizens commenting on the issue does not seem too positive with many comments aimed at the cost of covid-19 tests and criticisms on the policies.

Ultimately, it is the business owners' decision for re-opening applications and forecasting of demand from patrons. It remains to be seen how many businesses have exited or pivoted and how many are left.

We shall keep our eyes on this space and report once the listing of approved (if any) nightspots is announced.

In the meantime, you are still allowed to drink in restaurants and homes. If you drove to drink, hire BookValet's drivers to send you home safely. Advanced booking for the Drive Home Valet Service is available online at:


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