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These Bad Driving Habits Are Damaging Your Car

Cars in Singapore are very expensive, especially with the rising COE prices.

Drivers tend to get very used to their cars over time and also develop bad driving habits the longer they drive.

This article talks about some very common driving habits that lead to damage to your car over time. These habits can be avoided and make your car last longer.

1. Running on Low Fuel

Fuel doesn't just power your car but also acts as a lubricant and coolant for your engine and fuel parts. Running on low increases the chances of overheating. One key issue that arises from running on low fuel is the possibility that sediment and debris from the tank gets sucked into the engine and potentially causing damage.

Try to refuel once there is 1/4 of your tank remaining.

2. Not Washing Your Car Often

You often see cars on the road that look like they haven't been washed in ages. Bird poop, leaves and stains stick to your car paint and become very difficult to remove over time.

Bird poop is especially corrosive and can eat into your paintwork if left unwashed.

Wash your car often to maintain its paintwork and avoid costly repainting works.

3. Driving Too Fast Over Speed Bumps

Going too fast over a speed bump damages your suspension systems and can cause damage in the long run such as leaking of hydraulic fluids. Do this long enough and the shocks will begin to break down, leading to your tires losing contact with the road during quick stops.

Keeping to speeds of 5km/h is ideal in going over speed bumps.

4. Carrying Too Much Weight In Your Vehicle

Yes! Carrying too much weight in your vehicle can damage your car. Too much weight in your vehicle will make your engine work harder and increase your petrol consumption.

Too much weight in your vehicle can also stress your braking and exhaust system.

Clean out your car often as we tend to leave things in the car and forget about them, weighing your car down.


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