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Top 5 Car Problems You Need To Be Aware of

Shopping for a car or currently own a car? It is essential that you know the common car breakdown issues.

1. Dead Battery

Seasoned drivers would have encountered seeing other drivers attempting to jump start their cars. The car battery is a starter battery that enables cars to start. When the batter is weak or dead, your car will not be able to start.

You need to charge or replace the battery when this happens.

2. Faulty Alternator

The alternator is the charger and provides electricity for the car. When it fails, the car will start to drain the battery which will go flat in no time.

Look out for signs that the alternator is failing such as flickering lights. The alternator should be checked and replaced before it fails as it goes through normal wear and tear.

3. Excessive Engine Oil Consumption

Older cars with higher mileage tend to face this issue where your engine oil level runs low as a warning. This is a serious issue that needs to be rectified immediately as engine oil lubricates the moving components in an engine and cools it down. Ignoring the issue will cause long term damage to your vehicle.

You can expect costly repairs for this issue as it typically involves replacement of seals and parts in the engine such as the piston rings and engine bearings.

4. Transmission Issues

Most cars have automatic gears these days and transmission issues have also become more common.

Early warning signs are transmission slipping, where you feel that power is not transmitted fully to the wheels of the car.

You can expect expensive repairs for this issue as the process of rectification is labour intensive.

5. Brake Issues

It is critical that the brakes of a car are maintained properly for safety. Being unable to slow down, or stop a vehicle when there's a need to can lead to disaster.

If you experience vibrations when braking, loud noises or long braking distance, check it immediately. Usual culprits are worn out brake pads, rotors, brake fluid or in the worse case, ABS system issue.


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