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Why Car Accidents Happen During Rainy Days and What Drivers Should Avoid

You would notice that there always seem to be accidents when it rains, causing slow traffic and frustrating jams.

With the rainy season at the moment, it is important for drivers to know what causes accidents and what to do to avoid getting into accidents.

Slippery roads

Road conditions in Singapore are generally good compared to other countries. However, you might not know how slippery roads are when it rains once water starts to cumulate at some spots on the road.

Your tyre's hold on the road is going to be compromised when it rains. Add in debris, oil and algae and your grip on the road will become unpredictable.

Drivers should slow down and use good tyres to be safe in the rain.


Hydroplaning occurs when your car's tyres can't disperse the water on the road surface fast enough, and it ends up riding atop the water surface. The momentary loss of control is dangerous and often gets drivers into accidents. Again, avoid using worn out tyres and drive slowly to avoid hydroplaning from occurring.

Decreased visibility

A gloomy sky and rain affects visibility and delays reaction time of drivers. Rainy weather also causes road sprays of water from other cars, reflection of water and momentary confusing when car lights get reflected everywhere.

Drivers must remember to switch on their headlights and wipers to maintain their visibility.


Speeding in poor weather conditions increases danger exponentially. The increase in speed along with the increased reaction time means the risks are doubled.

Instead of speeding, you should be doing the exact opposite, drive slower, and increase your following distance, so the chances of getting yourself caught in the next chain collision can be reduced.

Let's do our part and adhere to safe driving practices for your own safety and other road users.


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