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Case Study Exam Questions

The case study examination is a simulated business role play. Therefore, understanding your persona and role in the case study exam can really help you produce a good answer at the right level for your audience. The simulation is made up of three broad parts: The role of finance The role simulated The job tasks simulated

  • Quick-fire questions to help learn the business inside-out Thematic pages The Case Study examiners are quite open about the fact that they deliberately scatter points on particular themes across the different pages of the Advance Information - this is done to reward candidates who actually take the time to read the Advance Information properly.

  • Test: Sample Questions and Case Studies Question 1- F1 Which TWO of the following are MOST likely to help reduce tax avoidance and evasion? A) Deduct tax at source whenever possible B) Reduced penalties for late or incorrect returns C) Make the tax structure as complicated as possible D) Reduce audit of the tax returns

  • sa page 2 of 7 ad1 exam exemplar questions mar2013 fquestions and marking scheme q1 learning outcome: 1.0 examine, using appropriate theories, the process of management that the purchasing manager at kt needs to follow to achieve the best results from the team. (25 marks) marking scheme s the candidate may start with a.

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