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Dangerous Driving in Singapore Roads: What You Should Look Out For

Defensive driving is the key to keeping yourself and your passengers safe on the roads. Unfortunately, we as drivers do encounter dangerous driving situations from time to time on the roads here in Singapore.

This article lists 5 signs you should keep an eye on while driving to avoid dangerous drivers with dangerous driving habits.

1. Not Keeping to the Designated Lane

Lane discipline is the key to driving and for early indication of intention with blinkers when lane changing. There are drivers that you probably see on the road who stay close to their lane markings and drift into other lanes. This is usually because they are distracted on the phone, in conversation with their passengers or are just poor drivers who are unable to gauge the dimensions of their vehicle and their positioning within the lane. Avoid these drifters on the road.

2. Frequent and Unnecessary Braking

There are drivers who brake unnecessary even without obstacles in front of them. This habit of tapping on the brakes causes not just their vehicles to slow down but sets off a chain effect of causing the vehicles behind them to tap their brakes, potentially causing accidents.

Do not stay behind them. Switch lanes and avoid these drivers.

3. Signal Lights Left On

This is a common sight. Drivers who leave their signal lights on after lane changing for prolong durations. Some drivers switch on their hazard lights to stop their vehicle for drop off or pick up but do not deactivate the lights.

This causes anxiety for other drivers as we cannot read their intention. I always wonder why these drivers would "forget" to switch off their signals since there will always be a clicking sound when the blinkers are on.

Steer clear of them!

4. Driving without Headlights On

I personally witness this at least once every fortnight while driving at night. This is especially dangerous because visibility is poor in the night. The law states that headlights must be turned on between 7:00pm and 7:00am.

Again, drivers know that a dark dashboard means the headlights are not switched on. I wonder if these drivers even look at their speedometer to regulate their speed while they drive. This is really hard to miss.

LTA should consider making it mandatory for car manufacturers to build in automatic headlight sensors that come on in the dark and solve this issue once and for all.

5. Drunk Drivers

Even seen cars having trouble keeping to their lanes and weaving in and out at night? Chances are, it is a driver who has had many drinks and still made the decision to drive home.

Alcohol impairs our reaction time and coordination. Besides the punishment of the law if you get caught, driving while under the influence endangers your life, your passengers' lives and that of other road users.

This is reckless, dangerous and inconsiderate behaviour.

Make a booking for a valet to drive you home with valet services like BookValet. It only costs $50 for a trip and $10 for an additional drop off location.

Plan and book your valet pick up in advance and have the peace of mind that you will be able to get home safetly.

Think it is expensive? Think again about the cost of losing your license, having to sell your car if you do so, the cost of re-taking your driving test and the inconvenience that you will face as a consequence.

The above 5 points are not just dangerous habits to look out for from other road users but for drivers to also personally avoid making.

Drive Safe!


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